Photo of SeedCon Flyer

SeedCon is a two-day conference that takes attendees through an exciting fast-pitch competition, inspiring keynote speakers, and three great panels focusing on some of the most exciting and disruptive trends in entrepreneurship and venture capital.

How Conferences I/O was used

During each Keynote and panel session, audience Q&A was facilitated through Conferences I/O.

Photo from SeedCon 2012

Interview With Paul Wu Director of SeedCon 2012

Photo of Paul Wu, Director of SeedCon 2012

Why did you decide to use Conferences I/O for SeedCon?

During the Q&A portion of conference sessions, you tend to see a lot of questions asked by individuals who are (1) very assertive or (2) want to make a good impression on the speaker. Both groups usually lead to questions that are generic and not interesting to the overall audience. We wanted to use a tool that could crowd source Q&A so that only the most relevant, thought provoking, and interesting questions were asked on-stage.

Did Conferences I/O solve the problems you were hoping it would?

Yes. Feedback so far about this tool has been phenomenal. A lot of conference speakers and attendees came up to us afterwards saying how they appreciated how it filtered out all the bad questions that usually get asked.

Did the audience enjoy using Conferences I/O during the event?

Overall I would say the audience enjoyed using Conferences I/O tremendously.

After using Conferences I/O, would you ever consider going back to raising hands for Q&A or polling for a similar event?

I can still see a benefit with traditional hand raising in smaller, more intimate settings. However for large crowds or a setting where anonymous Q&A is helpful, I would highly recommend Conference I/O.