Happy New Year! Introducing EventLens and RaffleKit

For the holidays, the Conferences i/o team wanted to do something different. So we decided to build an interesting and fun tool for event professionals. And we liked that so much, we built a second tool. So happy 2016 to everyone, and enjoy these gifts.

Introducing: EventLens

What if you could easily collect attendee photos (without needing a Twitter hashtag) to display in a live slideshow during your event?


EventLens is a super-simple photostream that allows attendees at your events to easily share photos without the need of a Twitter account and hashtag. All they have to do is text their photos to a phone number.

EventLens is a fun and easy way to engage your attendees. Here are a few simple use cases:

  • Have EventLens running on a monitor in your event’s registration lobby. As attendees are walking in, they will see what’s going on (in real-time) and will be pulled into the experience right away.
  • Encourage attendees to take photos throughout the event, and during the closing session, have your EventLens slideshow showing off everything that happened.

Attendees will love seeing their photos show up in your EventLens photostream. It’s a simple act, but it creates a strong sense of connection between attendees, and with organizers.

Please note that EventLens has a small cost associated with it. We’re keeping this fee tied to what our real costs are (a small amount to use phone numbers and handle incoming MMS). But don’t worry, you can try it for free. All you have to do is email a selfie with a thumbs-up to hello@eventlensapp.com, and we’ll get a promotional code to you right away.

(Don’t worry, we won’t share your photo with anyone.)

Here’s a quick introductory video for EventLens:


Introducing: RaffleKit

Traditionally, giveaway winners at events are chosen by picking a piece of paper out of a bowl. More recently, we’ve seen name badge raffles where a winner is literally read off a device that looks like a graphing calculator.

What if you could show a big Price-is-Right-esque wheel on a projector, flashing through every attendee’s name, slowing down and finally stopping on a winner? That’s what RaffleKit lets you do.


Aside from the convenience of digitally managing entries (and being able to import from sources like spreadsheets), RaffleKit is an easy way to add a fun presentation layer for your giveaways. When you’re ready to draw a name, you push a button and the wheel spins!

If you’re already a Conferences i/o customer, RaffleKit can be a great way to incentive participation during your event. For example, attendees can receive one entry per session evaluation that they complete and at the end of the event you can do a live drawing for a prize!

As an added bonus, RaffleKit is completely free to use.

Here’s a quick introductory video for RaffleKit: