Built-in Schedule

No Limits for Large Scale Conferences

Conference i/o is designed for conferences with multiple tracks / sessions. There’s no limit to the number of sessions you can create, including concurrent sessions. No limit to the number of Administrators or Moderators.

Mobile Event App Integration

Seamless Integration made simple

It’s easy to integrate Conferences i/o into your mobile event app for a seamless attendee experience. Attendees who don’t have the mobile app can still participate by going directly to Conferences i/o.

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Social Q&A®

The Most Effective Way To Q&A

Attendees can submit questions in real-time and see other questions that have been asked during a session.

If an attendee sees a question that they want answered, they vote it up, and the list of questions automatically sorts by popularity.

So when it’s time for Q&A, the presenter knows what questions are most important to the entire group, not just those willing to raise their hand.

Live Audience Polling

A Polling Tool You Can Rely On

The thought of live audience polling makes many organizers (and presenters) start to sweat. Implementing a polling solution can be a major headache.

Whether you want your presenters to be responsible for setting up their polls or your team manages it for them, we have the functionality designed to make the setup/implementation process as efficient and painless as possible. Polls are instantly pushed to attendee devices and results are displayed beautifully on stage in real-time (or kept hidden). Presenters have full control of when and where results are displayed.

We offer a powerful set of polling formats: multiple-choice, open-ended, quiz questions, pre-post comparisons and more.

PowerPoint Integration

Seamless Integration With Presentations

The last thing your presenters want to worry about is having to switch screens or use a separate device to conduct poll questions.

Our PowerPoint integration allows a poll question or Q&A slide to be inserted into a presentation with the click of a button, making it seamless for presenters to control and display on stage.

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Session Evaluations

Hassle-Free Feedback From Every Session

Attendees can complete evaluation surveys in real-time, before they even leave the room… resulting in higher response rates and more accurate data compared to post event email surveys.

Have sessions with multiple presenters? No problem. Our functionality allows each presenter to be rated separately without any additional work.

After the event you can download a comprehensive evaluation report that includes data from all of your sessions in a convenient format for analysis.


Great for Demos and Pre-Post Comparisons

Reporting is accessible in seconds with the click of a button. Session Reports (XLS) include polling data, polling charts, and Q&A. Session evaluation report allows you to view the data across all session.

Benefits For All Stakeholders



  • More Engagement = More Satisfied Attendees.
  • Easy to implement and seamless for your presenters.
  • Higher response rates and more accurate session evaluation data.



  • Presenters enjoy polling and Q&A without using a moderator or technician.
  • Interactive and engaging presentations lead to favorable ratings on session evaluation surveys.



  • Attendees participate in seconds without the hassle of downloading an app.
  • Active engagement versus passive listening results in more effective learning.

More Benefits of Using Conferences i/o

  • 100% Web Based

    Nothing to download or install. Attendees can participate from any web-enabled device and are up and running in 10 seconds.

  • Data Security

    All your data is securely stored. We won’t share it with anyone else. GDPR compliant.

  • Custom Branding

    Fully customizable from colors to font types. Dedicated places for sponsor logos provides extra revenue opportunities.

  • Customer Success

    You'll be assigned a real person to provide training, answer questions and make sure your event is a success.

  • Flexible Integration

    Conferences i/o can be easily integrated into other event technology tools like mobile event apps, webcast platforms and A/V company presentation management systems.

  • 360 Degrees of Engagement

    Engage attendees before, during, and after your event.

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