Conferences i/o Now Integrates With Live Streaming Platform Digitell To Bridge The Gap Between Physical and Virtual Attendees

Conferences io and digitell

Today, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Digitell, one of the leading Live Streaming Platforms in the industry.

Virtual and hybrid events are growing rapidly in popularity but one of the biggest challenges that organizations face is replicating the same level of engagement for virtual attendees as the in-person attendees experience. Live streaming services allow virtual attendees to view the presentation in real-time but enabling those attendees to actually participate is a different challenge.

The integration between Conferences i/o and Digitell is a major innovation for hybrid events. It bridges the experience gap by providing virtual attendees a platform to not only view the same content, but respond to the same Polls, and participate in the same Q&A as the attendees who are in the room. This type of interaction takes virtual attendees from passive listeners to active participants, resulting in a much richer and fulfilling experience.

The Story

Our relationship with Digitell began a few months ago when we discovered a mutual customer who was already using Conferences i/o to engage their in-person attendees and using Digitell to live-stream video to virtual attendees, often at the same events. After seeing how well the two products worked together, it was clear that there was a major opportunity to move towards a larger scale integration.

“Digitell is excited about our partnership with Conferences i/o as we see it is imperative to collaborate with best practice conference solutions, resulting in a better online experience for the end user”

– Jim Parker, president of Digitell

How The Integration Works

In-person attendees will continue to access the Conferences i/o application by simply navigating to a unique URL on their mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). For virtual attendees, Conferences i/o is embedded directly within the Digitell platform, sitting conveniently alongside the video stream.

Conferences io Social QA

Attendees are able to use our Social Q&A feature to ask questions during the presentation, view questions submitted by other virtual, or in-person attendees, and upvote the questions that they want addressed.

Conferences io Polling

Poll questions will be pushed to the in-person and virtual attendees at the same time. The results will be displayed in real-time on stage, including the responses collected from virtual attendees!

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