Introducing Team Battle, a quiz-style game for your audience

Today, we are announcing an opt-in beta for Team Battle, a new feature to the Conferences i/o lineup. Team Battle is a fun quiz-style game that can be played in real-time with teams of attendees from your audience.

How Team Battle Works

  • The battle moderator creates teams that will participate in the battle
  • The moderator creates quiz questions and defines how many points each question is worth (e.g. 3 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd)
  • The attendees join the battle and choose their team
  • The moderator launches each quiz question and attendees respond
  • The winner of each round is determined by the percentage of team members who answered the question correctly. If there is a tie, the average response time per team is used as a tie breaker
  • A leaderboard can be projected on stage and will update each team’s score after each round

We’ve put together a 12-minute guide on how to set up Team Battle and use this new game functionality during a session.

Conferences i/o customers can join the opt-in beta by filling out this form. We will be tweaking and adjusting Team Battle throughout the beta, so if you’d like to help us shape this new functionality, make sure you request that opt-in.

What type of event or session is right for Team Battle?

Any session, big or small, can use Team Battle. But there are some sessions that are natural fits:

  • A general session that is introducing Conferences i/o to many attendees.
  • An event with several well-defined demographic groups that would fit cleanly into teams.
  • A room with several well-defined sections that would fit cleanly into teams (like the left section versus the right section).

Can I use Team Battle at my event next week?

Absolutely, and we would love for you to use Team Battle as soon as possible. First, request to join our opt-in beta. Second, set up a dry run of Team Battle to familiarize yourself with the controls. Third, adjust any onboarding instructions related to Conferences i/o to account for Team Battle.

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