JeoPARODY! Conferences i/o Edition

Conferences i/o Jeopardy Event Game

Our team recently started a new ritual called Team Game Fridays. Each week, one member of the team is tasked with creating a game that utilizes Conferences i/o and on Friday afternoon our entire team connects on a virtual meeting to play.

The purpose of this new ritual is part team building and fun but also to inspire product innovation — competition and games are very effective ways to keep people engaged. Our Team Battle game has been a big hit with our customers, particularly for virtual events, and expanding the types of games that we offer is part of our product strategy.

We’ve played a lot of great games so far, from Bingo to Murder Mystery to a video based trivia quiz but there has been one game that has been the runaway favorite … Jeopardy.

Conferences i/o Virtual Jeopardy Event Game

Our team had so much fun playing Conferences i/o Jeopardy that we started playing the game with our friends and family outside of work. Then our friends started asking for access so that they could play it with their co-workers during virtual happy hours. Then our friend’s managers would ask them for access to play the game during team meetings or Town Halls.. and on and on it went. 

One of those companies has now even designed a series of marketing events specifically around the Jeopardy game. They will use the quiz / trivia questions to educate their attendees (customers and prospects) about Flexible Office Space Solutions and the services the company offers.

After seeing the immediate popularity of the Jeopardy game we knew this was something we needed to share with our customers. The best part is that all that is required to play is the Team Battle feature in Conferences i/o and the special edition JeoPARODY (for ™ purposes) PowerPoint template that we’ve created for you.

Conferences i/o JeoPARODY is a great fit in a variety of different settings and we encourage you to incorporate it wherever possible!

  • Virtual Happy Hours
  • Team Meetings
  • Webinars
  • Continuing Education / Training Events
  • Virtual conferences 
  • Or just for fun with friends and family

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