Resolved: DNS issues affecting Conferences i/o today


DNS service for .IO domains appears to be fully restored and the Conferences i/o platform appears to be available again for all customers. The Conferences i/o Support Team will continue to monitor.

Duration of event: Approximately 10:15 AM US Eastern Time until approximately 12:00 PM US Eastern Time.

Original post

This morning (approximately 10:30 AM US Eastern team), the Conferences i/o Support Team began receiving reports of the Conferences i/o service being unreachable. After a quick investigation, we learned that the global root DNS service for .IO domains is experiencing problems with its service. This outage affects all .IO domains, but is sporadic in nature, meaning that it is not impacting everyone trying to access a .IO domain.

If you are experiencing this DNS issue, it is possible to use an alternative URL to access your Conferences i/o URL. Instead of using “”, use “”. For example, for the Conferences i/o app at, you would instead browse to This allows attendees to access your Conferences i/o app directly — however, our PowerPoint Add-In (if being used) uses the “” structure in its code and may still be affected.

The Conferences i/o Support Team is evaluating this situation and exploring further workaround options, but anticipates resolution coming within a few hours of this post.

Example screenshot of the DNS problem: